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Famous Dex was raised on Chicago’s South Side and was given the name Dexter Gore Jr. in 1993. He began dabbling in music in 2012, but with the passing of his mother in 2014, he made the decision to take it more seriously.

He released Never Seen It Coming and Dexter’s Laboratory as two mixtapes in 2015. With the song “Drippy Drippy,” he scored a modest hit, and throughout 2016, he released more mixtapes. He joined Rich the Kid’s Rich Forever Music label in March and released the hit song “Drip from My Walk.”


Famous became well-known online after publishing the official music videos for his albums. More than a million people have viewed his most recent “Xans” upload. As of 2017, Dex’s debut album, entitled “Dexter meets Dexter,” will be released.

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